One of the first things to consider when making home renovations is cost. As with any major purchase cost always seems to be the primary factor. Though cost is important, there are many other important factors to consider when deciding on a wood flooring contractor to perform the actual work to be completed in your home.

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Steps to a fair hardwood floor refinishing cost estimate:


Get several estimates from reputable contractors. Have the contractor come to your home, take actual measurements and give their expert opinion as to whether or not the floors needs to be completely refinished, recoated or replaced. Most times this should not be done over the phone. The contractor needs to physically see the job they are quoting to give you an accurate assessment of what needs to be done. Once the contractor has determined what needs to be done to the floor, then they can start to create the estimate. I would certainly beware of a contractor who quickly quotes a price over the phone for a job they have not seen themselves as there are many variables that determine cost


Once the contractor knows that scope of the work they can give an estimate as to what the hardwood floor refinishing job should cost. There are several options involved when decided to refinish a floor and the cost varies based upon what the customer would like. Price is not only based on the square footage of the room. The most common and straight forward job would be to sand and refinish a floor with a natural finish. The cost does increase if the floor is to be sanded, stained and finished in a color selected by the customer. Cost of the refinishing can also be affected by the condition of the existing floor. Other issues that could arise that would affect pricing are if the floor needs to be repaired. Many times there are damaged boards that need to be replaced, not just sanded. Additional costs may also include refinishing stair cases, the stair type determines the cost.


When deciding to get a new floor installed, there are also several factors to consider. Would you like a site finished floor, meaning having the raw wood delivered to your home, installed and finished on site. Or would you like a “Pre-finished” floor that is delivered to your home already finished and just needs to be installed.


Always be sure to ask for and check references from prior customers. Make sure the company has been in business for several years and has a good reputation. Though the hardwood floor refinishing cost is important, it is more important to know who you hire to do work in your home.