Custom Hardwood Floors near Pennington NJ

For three generations, Custom Floors by Rees Powell has been refinishing and installing hardwood flooring throughout the Pennington area.

There’s plenty to see and do in Pennington, NJ. If you’re a proud homeowner who’s looking for ways to improve the aesthetics of your home while boosting its value, you may want to find custom hardwood floor installation near Pennington, NJ.

When the time comes when you’re ready to take the next step, you can look to us at Rees Custom Floors!

Hardwood Floor Installation in Pennington NJ

Our hardwood floor installation company has been proudly serving the area for three generations. Our knowledge and experience of different wood types, installation practices, and refinishing methods speak volumes when it comes to providing these services to your home.

Whether you’re looking to install new hardwood floors, refinish the ones in your home, or schedule some much needed repairs, our team is here to help you along the way until you’re absolutely satisfied with the floors in your home!

Our team will work with you to provide details and samples on the various wood types so you can choose the one you feel would best suit your home.

Refinishing and Repairing Your Pennington NJ Hardwood Floors

While hardwood floors are known to be durable, as well as visually appealing, they’re not impervious to natural wear and tear. Scuffs, dents, stains, and warping can happen, which will need to be fixed to not only protect the look of your floors, but also their durability and longevity.

Regular cleaning, care, and maintenance go a long way with protecting your floors and keeping them looking great. However, sometimes the elements can play a detrimental part in requiring your floors to be repaired, or in some cases, replaced. Our team can assess the level of damage and provide you with a plan on the best course of action for the floors in your home.

Why Install Hardwood Floors in Your Home?

Hardwood floors provide a lot of benefits to your home. Not only are they visually appealing and durable, but they’re much easier to clean than carpet.

Along with the lasting power of custom hardwood floors, they can also add value to your home. Wood floors are a major selling-point for today’s home buyers, so having them installed or refinished before you put your home on the market is a great way to not only generate interest, but also to boost its value. Think of hardwood floors as an investment, an investment that will pay off when it’s time to sell your home.

Install or Refinish Your Hardwood Floors Today

If you’re eager to get started on custom hardwood floors in Pennington, New Jersey, or you need to have your current floors repaired or refinished, you can easily begin your experience with us at Rees Custom Floors!

Our team is here and ready to help you get the most out of your floors and your home! Simply contact us or fill out the form on this page! We can provide you with a free quote and begin scheduling an installation!

Did you know…

Peter Benchley, author of the book and film Jaws, was from Pennington NJ

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