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Hardwood Flooring near Princeton Junction NJ

If you’re seeking out hardwood flooring near Princeton Junction, NJ to elevate your home’s aesthetic and value, you can look to us at Rees Powell Custom Floors. We have three generations of experience with hardwood floor installation, refinishing, and repairs in the Princeton Junction, NJ area.

Princeton Junction, NJ is a quaint community in between Princeton and West Windsor, acting as a transit hub and bedroom community. It’s home to a few local businesses, a train station, and almost 2,500 people.

Hardwood Floor Installation near Princeton Junction NJ

Whether you’re looking to update your home’s interior or boost its overall value before putting it on the market, installing hardwood floors can have a lot of benefits. They’re stylish (and never go out of style), durable, and can enhance the look and feel of your home.

They’re easy to clean, can improve air quality, and can be tailored to any interior design preference. They’re also known for their longevity. With regular care and maintenance, you can have your wood floors lasting for decades.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing near Princeton Junction NJ

While having hardwood floors in your home is a great choice for style, longevity, and for low-maintenance cleaning, they do require some professional care every 5-10 years in the form of refinishing.

Refinishing hardwood floors is a process that requires sanding them to remove any surface damage like scratches or dents. A finish is then applied to the floors to add a shine and to enhance the color. It’s also your chance to make a change to the color if you’d like, making it lighter or darker, depending on your style and preferences.

Hardwood Floor Repairs & Maintenance

Hardwood floors go through natural wear and tear over the years and require some repairs. Scratches and dents need to be sanded down and smoothed, stains can be removed, and issues like the wood contracting or expanding need to be dealt with to ensure the health and look of your floor.

Water damage can be an issue to homeowners with wood flooring. The boards can get water logged, resulting in cupping. This happens when the water causes the unfinished bottom portion of the wood to expand, making it jut out from the rest of the floor.

Our wood floor professionals can diagnose the issues that are facing your wood floors and come up with a solution to have them looking new again. Whether it needs sanding, refinishing, repairs, or even replacing a plank or two, our team is here to help you get the most out of your hardwood floors in Princeton Junction, NJ.

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Whether you’re looking to install hardwood floors, have your current ones refinished, or you’re in need of repairs, Rees Powell Custom Floors can help. We provide many services to hardwood flooring near Princeton Junction, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. We’ll help you keep your home and floors looking their best.

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Did you know…

Princeton Junction is the hometown of director Bryan Singer, known for famous movies such as the Usual Suspects, X-Men’s, Valkyrie, and Superman Returns

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