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Common Wood Floor Wear & Tear

By July 12, 2023 No Comments

Wood floors can add value to your home, as well as wonderful aesthetics. They offer a durability beyond carpet and laminate flooring. However, like most things, wear and tear can be expected over time that would require hardwood floor repairs.

At Rees Powell Custom Floors, we’re here to highlight some of the most common signs of wood floor wear and tear.


While not all-too-damaging, fading occurs when sections of your wood floor receive plentiful sunlight. This causes the color to fade, giving your floor some light spots that, over time, will need to be corrected to make the look of your floors more consistent.


Furniture can look great on wood floors and provide enough seating and storage to accommodate your family and guests, as well as your goods. However, since your furniture remains stationary, the legs will create dents in your floor. A good way to avoid these dents is with area rugs or with furniture pads.

Light Scratches

Scratches can be pretty common for hardwood floors. This can occur from a variety of reasons, like pets, children, cleaning equipment, and even reorganizing. Mild scratches can be expected over the wood floor’s lifespan. As long as they’re not too large or deep, it should be okay. Otherwise, you may want to consult hardwood floor repair professionals.


Like scratches, scuffs are very common on all floors, not just wood. They usually come from the bottoms of shoes. However, shoe scuffs can be buffed out pretty easily—allowing you to conveniently keep your floor looking great.


Because wood floor is sensitive to extreme temperatures, there can be a few effects of particularly sweltering days. Wood will naturally expand in hot temperatures and constrict in cold temperatures. This can eventually cause gaps to appear between boards. If this occurs, you’ll want to consult hardwood floor repair services to alleviate the issue.

Loss of Shine

Refinishing your floors not only helps maintain their look, but it also restores their shine. However, over time and lots of foot traffic, the shine can begin to disappear. Wood floors that don’t shine are perfectly natural, but if you’re looking to retain the shiny look, you may want to have them refinished again.

Avoiding Common Wear & Tear with Hardwood Floor Repairs

While wear and tear is almost unavoidable, ensuring that you’re regularly maintaining your hardwood floors can help you avoid minor cosmetic issues. Using area rugs, furniture pads, and employing a “shoe’s off” policy in your home can help you maintain your wood floors and avoid these issues.

Consult a Hardwood Floor Repairs Professional

If the wear and tear has evolved into damage, having professionals diagnose the issues and work towards repairing them is the best way to maintain your hardwood floors. They’ll be able to determine the best course of action with your wood floor repairs and see if the fixes are minor or require a little more work.

If you notice some issues with your wood floors that require more than some light cleaning, contact us at Rees Powell Custom Floors. We’ll be able to determine what is needed to bring your floors back to their original aesthetic.