Hardwood Floor Installation Services

At Rees Powell Custom Floors, we’re here to provide hardwood floor installation services to homeowners throughout Central New Jersey and Lower Bucks County, PA. Whether you’re looking to rip up carpet and have wood floors installed, or have your current floors replaced, our team can help!

Installing hardwood floors can be a rewarding experience. Whether you’re looking to boost the aesthetics of your home’s interior, or you want to increase the value before putting your home on the market, you’ll be satisfied with the results.


The Benefits of Having Hardwood Floors Installed

If you’ve chosen to add hardwood floors to your home’s décor, there are plenty of benefits. Wood floors offer a timeless look, as they never go out of style, and even some historic homes in the area still retain their original hardwood floors.

On top of complementing the interior style of your home, hardwood floors provide longevity and durability, making them a wise long-term investment for your home. Wood floors can endure a lot of foot traffic over the years, and only require light cleaning. Of course, any signs of cosmetic damages such as scuffs, scratches, or dents can easily be fixed with hardwood floor refinishing services.

Hardwood floors are relatively easy to maintain. Sweeping and occasional mopping will allow the floor to continue looking its best. Wood floors are also known to help improve the indoor air quality of your home, as carpets tend to absorb dust and allergens, which can look to issues with anyone who suffers from allergies or respiratory ailments.


Professional Hardwood Floor Installers

Rees Powell Custom Floors has been providing hardwood floor services for more than three generations. If you’re interested in having wood floors installed in your home, we can help!

We’ll arrange a time to visit your home to get a better sense of the square footage and space so we can provide you with a close estimate of what the project will cost and how long it will take. We can also provide you with different samples of wood, varying different colors and species, so you can make the decision of which wood type is best suited for your home.

The process of wood floor installation involves tearing up the current material, whether it be carpet or vinyl, and cleaning the subfloor so the wood will fit perfectly. Once the wood is properly installed, we’ll provide a finish of your choosing, which will offer a warm shine to it.

Once your floors are finished, they’ll only require light cleaning periodically. However, you’ll want to have your floors refinished every 5-10 years to sustain the shiny new look.


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We’re proud to continue proving hardwood floor services to homeowners throughout the greater Princeton, NJ area. If you’re currently looking a way to boost the aesthetics and value of your home, and you’re interested in hardwood floor services, you can easily reach out to us!

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