Knowing When It’s Time to Refinish Your Wood Floors

By January 19, 2023 No Comments

Wood floors offer plenty of benefits to your home. They’re durable, easy to clean, and not to mention, aesthetically pleasing. They’re a vital asset for when you plan to sell your home, as wood floors are often sought after by eager home buyers.

But in order to ensure that your wood floors are in good shape and lasting you, you’ll need to know when to refinish your wood floors. Here’s a guide on the signs to look out for so you’ll know how to tell that it’s time to refinish your wood floors.


Look for Surface Damages

While hardwood floors are durable, they aren’t impervious to cosmetic damages. Whether heavy items have fallen and left dents, your children have played a little too rough, or your dog’s nails have scratched the wooden surface, wood floor refinishing may be the right move.

Scratches are unfortunately common with having wood floors. Keeping shoes off in the house and making the use of area rugs can help quell light scratches from appearing on your floors.

Refinishing your wood floors should repair the damages, as long as the scratches are shallow. If the scratches or dents are deep, refinishing your floors may not help smooth out the issues and a replacement plank may be required.


Identify Water Damage & Wear

Water and humidity are known to cause great damage to wood flooring. It can lead to discoloration, mold growth, and even warping. Cupping is an issue that stems from moisture or water with your wood floors. The planks will swell when there is moisture. Either drying the section out or sanding it down can reduce the cupping before having the floor refinished.


The Benefits of Having Your Wood Floors Refinished

You should have your hardwood floors refinished roughly every 7-to years, and your floors can be refinished about five times across its lifespan. As you can see, hardwood floors are a wonderful investment for your home, as they’ll keep for several decades with just a little care and maintenance. Protecting your floors is key to ensuring that your home, and your investment, is taken care of.

If you have hardwood floors that could use some refurbishing, you’ll want to seek out a professional wood floor refinishing company that can handle the task and deliver impeccable results. When the time comes where you notice some of the issues listed above, and you need a floor company who specializes in refinishing hardwood floors, you can simply contact us at Rees Powell Custom Floors.