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Protecting Your Wood Floors This Winter

By November 14, 2023 No Comments

While winter can be a beautiful season to admire from the window of a cozy room, it’s often harsh, cold, and wet. Having wood floors in your home can be tricky this time of year, as the elements outside can greatly affect the fixtures inside.

At Rees Powell Custom Floors, we’ll provide some helpful tips that you can use to keep protecting your wood floors this winter.

Keep Moisture Out of the House

Wood floor moisture can lead to irreparable damage that could require costly repairs or even replacement. When there’s snow outside, you’ll want to do your best to clean your shoes or boots off before walking on your floors.

Placing a floor mat by the entrances of your home can help you mitigate the risk of snow making it onto your wood floors. Also, employing a shoes-off policy can help if there is a covered mat to place the wet shoes. This can help you avoid bringing melting snow inside, getting moisture damage, and requiring hardwood floor repair.

Ensure Proper Temperature

Temperature has a strong effect on wood floors. Severe heat and humidity can cause your floors to expand, but in the winter, the frigid temperatures can cause your floors to contract. This can lead to gaps in between the planks, or even cause the wood to crack. You’ll want to do your best to combat the cold outside by ensuring that your home is warm enough in the winter.

Use Salt Sparingly

It’s no secret that salt can be quite effective at preventing the wet surfaces outside freeze over. However, the granules can often get stuck in boot and shoe treads, which will then bring them into the house. Salt is a corrosive and can reduce the freezing point of water, but it can also cause damage to your wood floors by stripping the stain and leading to further damage.

If you must use salt, use it sparingly and be diligent about keeping it outside of your home to protect your wood floors in the winter and to forgo hardwood floor repair.

Clean Your Floors Regularly

While it’s easy to miss the occasional salt granule and snowflake when you’re entering your home, you’ll want to take measures by cleaning your floors regularly to ensure that they’re free of debris and melting ice and snow.

Weekly cleanings can help you maintain a healthy floor. However, if you see any puddles appearing on your wood floors, you’ll want to clean them up and soon as possible because water and moisture can cause damage to your floors.

Make Use of Floor Mats & Area Rugs

Wood floors can add a wonderful aesthetic to your home, but area rugs can be helpful at protecting them no matter the season. But in winter especially, area rugs and mats can help you reduce the risk of moisture on your wood floors. In the winter, placing a few additional mats can be a very effective tactic at keeping your wood floors protected.

Take Preventative Measures by Contacting Us

If you notice any signs of wear, having it addressed early on can help you avoid any major damage and costs in the future. Whether it’s cracks, dents, or even the need for refinishing, we at Rees Powell Custom Floors can help you maintain and protect your wood floors ahead of the winter season.

Contact us for a free quote on hardwood floor refinishing and repairs!