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What to Expect with Having Your Hardwood Floors Refinished

By September 8, 2023 No Comments

Having your hardwood floors refinished is a great way to make the floors in your home last you. If you have wood floors that you want to have longevity in your home, having them refinished every 5-10 years can help you accomplish that.

However, wood floor refinishing is a complex and involved service that requires enlisting a professional. At Rees Powell Custom Floors, we’re here to let you know what to expect with having your hardwood floors refinished!


Choosing the Right Wood Floor Contractor

Before enlisting the services of a floor company to handle the refinishing job, you’ll want to be sure that they’re the right fit. Check their website for examples of their work, as well as any client testimonials. If the feedback seems positive, and the work looks exemplary, give them a call!


Plan Ahead with Your Refinishing Services

Having your hardwood floors refinished does require some light moving. If you’re having the downstairs floor refinished, you may want to move your furniture upstairs, or to another room that’s not being refinished.

The floors need to be cleared of any furniture, area rugs, and any home entertainment equipment before the sanding and refinishing can begin. If you’re having multiple rooms in your home refinished, and you can’t find space for temporary storage, finding a mobile storage unit may be the right choice for you.

Another way to prepare is to tape plastic over the heating vents in your home. Since part of the hardwood floor refinishing process requires sanding, this can be effective at preventing wood dust from making into the vents, which can affect the air quality of your home.


Store Your Valuables

Whether you have any family heirlooms, decorative pieces, artwork, or knick-knacks, keeping them stored somewhere and protected may be a good idea—especially before you begin moving the heavier items like furniture. This can ensure that they don’t get damaged during the move, or during your wood floor refinishing services.


Expect to Be Out of the House

While the process of refinishing hardwood floors is involved, and requires some time, it may be a good time to schedule the service while you and the family are away. This will give the professionals time and space to conduct their work, as well as leave enough time for the finish to dry before you begin both walking on the floor and moving heavy furniture back in.


Partner with Hardwood Floor Refinishing Professionals

Whether you’re looking to update the color and look of your floors, or if you notice some scratches and scuffs that need to be taken care of, simply contact us at Rees Powell Custom Floors.

We’ll come to you to provide you with a quote while we also take measures to determine the scale of the project and how long it will take—giving you time to plan for the service. Once the project is complete, you can sit back and enjoy the look and feel of your floors, and rest easy knowing that they’ll look that way for some time before needing the service again.