Why Wood Floors Should Be Installed Professionally

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There are probably a lot of DIY projects for your home that you want to get to this summer, but some—like hardwood floor installation, should be completed professional. You’ll be able to handle painting and gardening, but when it comes to ensuring a perfect install with your wood floors, you’ll want to contact the experts.

At Rees Powell Custom Floors, we’re here to list of the several reasons why professional wood floor installation is vital for your home.


Proper Preparation

The first step with installing wood floors is preparing the subfloor. A professional wood floor installer can resolve issues like moisture buildup, leveling, and assessing the structural integrity before beginning the installation process.


Accuracy & Precision

Watching YouTube tutorials can be very helpful for minor tasks, but when it comes to wood flooring, expertise and experience are key. Professional wood floor installers use the exact tools and measurements to ensure an accurate fit with the boards. Uneven or misaligned planks can be easily fixed.


Methodology & Technique

There’s a proper way to install wood floors, and seasoned experts are well versed with the techniques. They’re knowledgeable with various wood types, as well as installation practices like gluing, nailing, or even floating floors.


The Right Tools & Equipment

Professional wood floor installation companies have access to the right tools for the job. They have a working knowledge of how to use these specialized tools properly and effectively.


Diligence & Efficiency

If you wish to install wood floors yourself, the time frame may not be as you expect. Professional installers can accurately predict the length and scope of a project by the square footage and by getting a peak at the room (s). A DIY installation job could be a lengthier endeavor complete with several roadblocks.


Adaptability & Problem-Solving

With wood floor installation, a myriad of issues could arise. A seasoned installer can adapt and actively resolve these issues, simply based on their knowledge, experience, and skillset. When it comes to completing a DIY installation, an inexperienced installed may not know how to navigate the issues that come with the process.


Being Safe & Cautious

With professionalism comes experience. An experienced installer knows how to install wood floors safely and efficiently. They have the proper gear and take the necessary precautions to ensure that no harm will come their way. A novice may not be aware of some of the safety regulations that come with installing wood floors in their home.


Have Your Wood Floors Installed Professionally with Rees Powell Custom Floors

If you’re looking to have wood floors in your home? You may be thinking of going the DIY route with your floors, but for the best results, and a guaranteed installation that’s going to look great and last you for the years, it’s best to be installed professionally.

When you’re ready to take the next step towards your wood floor installation, you can contact us at Rees Powell Custom Floors. Request a quote today!