Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Having a hardwood floor in your home is a great investment. Not only is the floor highly durable and aesthetically pleasing, it’s a timeless style that will endure. It also adds value to your home, so if you plan on putting your house on the market, wood floors will help you get the best price possible and even attract a wide variety of interested buyers due to the demand for wood flooring.

However, while wood floors are highly durable and designed to last, they do need some upkeep every few years to ensure that they last and remain in great condition. At Rees Powell Custom Floors, we offer hardwood floor refinishing services to homeowners throughout Central New Jersey and parts of Bucks County, PA.


The Importance of Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

To get the most out of your hardwood floors, you’ll want to make sure that you’re cleaning them regularly and clearing off any moisture that could affect the integrity of the wood. Unchecked moisture can lead to warping and wood rot.

But while wood floors are strong and durable, they aren’t impervious to cosmetic issues like scratches and dents. If these begin to appear, it may be time to schedule hardwood floor refinishing services to ensure that the issues are smoothed out and they look just as good the day they were first installed.


How to Know It’s Time to Have Your Hardwood Floors Refinished?

The best indicator that your wood floor needs refinishing is by taking notice of any scratches, dents, or scuffs. If these are considerable, you may want to enlist our help to ensure that these issues are smoothed out and your floor gets the finish it needs to look its best. You may also want to have your floors refinished if you begin to have yellow hardwood floors, which is a sign that the floors have prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Wood floors can generally go between 8-10 years before needing to be refinished, unless there’s severe damage. The process involves sanding the floors to smooth out the surface, then applying your desired finish. Once the finish dries, you’ll have shiny wood floors that look brand new.


Schedule Your Wood Floor Refinishing Services with Us

If you have wood floors in your home that could use a fresh look, or some minor repairs and a new finish, you can easily contact us! We’ll come out to your location to assess the wood type, square footage, and the color finish you want so we can put a quote together to help you get a sense of the wood floor refinishing costs.

We can have your floors refinished within a week, so you can rest easy knowing that your hardwood floors will continue lasting you and looking their best!

Rees Powell Custom Floors has been providing homeowners with expert wood floor installation and refinishing services for more than 30 years. Are you interested in having your wood floors refinished? Request a quote from us today!