Why Summer is the Best Time for Wood Floor Services

By June 14, 2024 No Comments

Whether you have wood floors that need refinishing, or you’re looking to update your home by installing new hardwood floors, you’ll want to choose the right time to have these services performed in your home.

Summer is the time for a lot of maintenance around the home, and your floors are no different. Why not take advantage of the summer season by enlisting the services of Rees Powell Custom Floors?

Take Advantage of Your Vacation with Wood Floor Services

Whether you’re heading down the shore or heading off on a plane, you’re leaving behind an empty home. It’s the perfect time for wood floor services. Since you’re out of town, it’s the most convenient time to have floors installed or refinished. When you get home, you’ll come home to shiny wood floors that will last you.

Adapting to the Humid Temperature

Wood reacts to temperature. In the winter it constricts, and in the summer it expands. By installing wood floors in the summer, with consistent humidity, it reduces the risk of drastic changes in the wood, allowing for a better fit while installing your floors.

Better Ventilation for Wood Floor Services

If you’re having your floors refinished, part of the process is applying the actual finish, or stain. The process involves carefully applying a coat or two to the floor for the desired color and tone of the floor.

When the finishing occurs, you typically want to avoid walking on your floors and placing heavy furniture down. However, with the warmer breeze, and open windows, this can allow the finish to dry quicker.

Warmer Weather for Better Adhesion

Adhesives and finished typically perform better during warmer temperatures. Not only can this lead to better results with finishes, but it can also result in a faster turnaround time for your wood floor services project.

Lack of Disruptions

Whether you’re on vacation, or out for the day, it allows the floor service experts to complete the task undistracted. It allows them to focus on the task at hand and work from room to room without having to avoid any occupied rooms or obstacles.

Best Time to Schedule Service

Home services like floor refinishing and installation services are more widely available during the summer months. Due to clients scheduling their services while on vacation, it allows the teams to get the job done faster, which leads to more openings.

Contact the Wood Floor Professionals This Summer

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should schedule your wood floor services during the summer. The added benefit is that you can show off your new shiny floors to family and friends in the fall and during the holidays. Well-maintained wood floors can last you for years before needing to be refinished or repaired—making them a valuable investment for your home.

Are you in need of floor refinishing or hardwood floor installation for your home? Contact us at Rees Powell Custom Floors for a free quote so we can estimate the costs and length of the project.