Crucial Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips for Your Spring Cleaning

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When spring arrives, it’s a time to let in the fresh air and admire the blooming colors. However, it’s also a time to clean your house to ensure that it’s just as fresh as the air outside. While there’s plenty of tasks you may have on your list, it’s also a crucial time to pay attention to your wood floors and provide them with the cleaning and maintenance that they need.

At Rees Powell Custom Floors we’re here to give you a list of the best wood floor cleaning tips to maximize your cleaning efforts this spring!


Sweep, Dust, or Vacuum Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are highly durable. One of the major benefits of wood floors, is that unlike carpet, wood floors won’t absorb any particles, crumbs, or dust. Whatever falls on the floor will be readily visible, and you can easily clean it up. Whether you use a vacuum or a dustpan and brush, cleaning your floors and clearing any debris is easy.


Mop High Traffic Areas

Since early spring is associated with a lot of rain, it’s good to stay on top of any moisture and mud that make its way into your home. The best way to get dirt and mud off your floor is with light mopping or using a Swiffer. Go through the high traffic areas of your home and around the entryways to clear out any muddy shoeprints. Once you’ve mopped, be sure to dry the areas to prevent the moisture from seeping into the wood, which can cause damage.


Use Wood Floor Cleaner

It’s recommended that you use cleaners designed for wood floor use. These solutions are designed to ensure that you’re able to properly clean your hardwood floor without damaging the finish. Any cleaners not specifically geared towards wood floors could potentially erode the finish on your floors, creating mismatched coloring that would have to be corrected to get your floors looking their best.


Check for Damage or Discoloration

While winter is over, there may be some damage left over from the cold season. This damaged could be the heaviness of boots to the ice-melting salt granules stuck in the tread of your shoes. It can cause discolorations or calcium stains that can be tough to clean. If your hardwood floors are yellow, meaning that the color has faded, it may be time to get your floors refinished.


Consult a Hardwood Floor Professional

While there’s plenty that you can do at home to revitalize your wood floors and ensure that they’re properly cleaned, if there’s any underlying damage like scuffs, dents, chips, or even discoloration, it may be time to have your hardwood floors refinished.

If you’re in need of refinishing services, Rees Powell Custom Floors can help! We have more than three decades of experience. We’ll be able to conduct a walkthrough assessment and provide you with an estimate as well as a timeframe projection, so you have all the information you need towards bringing your wood floors back to the right condition.


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